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The Royal Golf Club Emblem


The official colors of the Royal Golf Club are Purple and Gold.  





The Royal ”Emblem”, a heraldic design, is herein defined in the technical language of that art or science, as well as, a realistic interpretation of that definition.


       BLAZON (Coat of Arms)


Shield: Purple on a gold disc radiating eighteen arrowheads with shafts of golf, the arrowheads outward and conjoined, a green disc surmounted by a round silver globe.


Crest: On a base of gold and purple bar a putter and driver grips properly behind a staff vertical silver flying a flag purple charged with a crown potente of gold all unfiled by a reflections of the like in gold, each potente supporting a round in golf.




Shield: The colors, gold and purple, are those of the organization (The Royal Golf Club). The purple field represents the golf course, the green disc alludes to a “green” or “tee”, the white round simulates a golf ball and the 18 arrowheads with shafts issuing from the “tee” refers to the 18 holes of a golf course. A circle is also symbolic of unity and sameness of purpose.


Crest: The putter and driver alludes to “irons” and “woods” (golf clubs) in general (and are also a reminder that the average golfer usually has trouble with driving or putting or both). The flag refers to the flags customary used to indicate the “cup” on the green. A crown is a symbol of royalty and thus refers to the name of the golf club; a crown is also symbolic of authority, law and regulations, hospitality and accomplishment. The points of the crown supporting rounds used in the crest simulate golf tees supporting golf balls. (In heraldry, a potente is sometimes used to symbolize a “crutch” – in this instance the “crutches” referring to the “alibis” so necessary at the times to all golfers).

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