The Royal Golf Club of Washington DC Inc. Is officially a Non Profit!! It has taken a long time but through the tireless work of Adolphus Hawkes, it’s done!! Pending final review, our 501c-3 designation is active as of August 31, 2022 by the District of Columbia. Now we can concentrate on receiving charitable donations.


Another FINAL.

Although the Royal club website was handed over to our control on May 31st , a Zoom meeting last month clarified who was in control. Adolphus Hawkes is designated as the website Administrator with Mark Mann, David Sampy and Phill Cooper As co-Administrators - Cassandra Lighty (website designer) will continue to help when needed. We need members who have web development experience to join the website team!


From all indications our Tournament Director and his new knee are both doing great!

Billy says he is coping with the pain of therapy and can’t wait for the time he can swing a golf club again.



Lamont Baxter jr. the son of our longtime member will become our 38th active member. The Executive board has of course voted unanimously to allow his membership. Lamont has already begun his club activities by researching the origin of the portrait of the man pictured on the wall in the clubhouse dining room. The man in the picture has an amazing story and connection to the history and origins of the Royal Golf Club. Please click the link Lamont provided to read more about Mr. John Shippen Thanks Lamont, your future as the club's historian is a definite possibility!!



Our Tournament Directors have decided the match will be held on September 17, 18, and 24th at the Langston Golf Course. Langston will allow a 9am start time but needs an accurate count of players.

This means if you decide to play you will be responsible for all three days' green fees of $55 per round.

For those who can’t make a particular day Langston will allow a makeup round. We will discuss the date of the makeup round at this Saturday’s meeting.  WE NEED ALL ALL ALL ROYALS TO PARTICIPATE!!!


Gamblers, don’t forget our new football pool

Phill Cooper says about half of the board is filled - it must be completely filled  before the first Washington Commanders game. Bring cash and pick your squares!!


Gentlemen, we need ALL members at this Saturday’s meeting. We have  important issues to discuss.

Make sure we see your smiling  face in the place!!!