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There have been no Monthly Newsletters for 2023. 


NOVEMBER 1, 2022


November 5, 2022 will mark the last meeting of a remarkable year for the Royal Golf Club.  We are asking all members to attend this closing meeting.  As we look back on this year, we have a few monumental accomplishments such as:
    -  Our website is up and running
    -  Our 501C-3 has been certified
    -  We have more new members than ever! 


Now we must prepare for the most important business of the year, the election of officers for the next club leadership! The membership committee has gone to great
lengths to select a slate of candidates that are qualified to fill the positions that they are being nominated for. Now it’s time to vote! I have linked below a copy of the slate of candidates for 2023 below.  The vote will be held on Saturday by secret ballot. I cannot impress upon you how important it is to be present for this election!!

I have sent an email to Wake-Robin President Kimberly Robinson, inviting them to our first ever “Meet and Greet” affair on November 19th. She has responded very positively and said she would pass along the invitation to her members.  You will find a copy of the flyer below to view.   We have talked of forming a closer bond with our sister club - this will be the start! A reminder that we are charging Royal members $20 and your guest $10 to pay for the appetizers. It’s an important event so please let’s all attend!



Our Tournament Director has decided to hold the tournament on November 6th at 9am at Langston. If you have not done so please contact Billy Scruggs or Joe Baisden ASAP to let them know that you are playing.



Phil Cooper has announced that if you bring in your clubs that need regripping he will put them on for you…..for a fee.


Thanks all and see you Saturday!


NOVEMBER 6, 2022


I would like to thank those who attended our last meeting and took part in the vote to elect our new Club Leadership for 2023 -2024.

Congratulations to all, especially our club’s new President, Mark Mann!! 

Mark, you have our full support as you assume the top job in our club! Please know that as the lame duck president, I am here to help in any way you require.


Also during the meeting, Mike Smith made an impassioned plea to members to consider taking part in FirstTee mentorship at Langston. Mike suggested that seasoned golfers like The Royals could provide the assistance that kids at Langston need to better their golf game. You can go to for information and to register for the program.    



On Sunday, we came to the end of our official playing season with an amazing round of golf! Nineteen Royals participated in our annual “Turkey Shoot” tournament. A beautiful day with a great group of guys!! Photos from that day shown below.

"MEET & GREET” – November 19 at 6pm to 9pm
We are working very hard to make our first ever private affair with the Wake Robin Golf Club a success. The venue, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse is the perfect place for this event.   We have begun to collect money from each member for the cost of appetizers and incidentals. We need every member to participate, so please confirm with me or Phil Cooper that you and/or a guest are coming by Nov 12th. 

Thanks and have a great day!

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